Monday, June 28, 2021


Congratulations to Tony Trigilio whose Marsh Hawk book, PROOF SOMETHING HAPPENED, has been receiving wonderful critical response:

A Review by Jerome Sala in Big Other

Here's an excerpt:

"Whether or not humans have actually been captured by beings from outer space, it’s certainly true that our culture industry has abducted aliens. Such tales, which once carried a mystical, 'culty' underground aura, have now been exploited to the max—so much so that when new visions are reported, they don’t carry any more charge than the latest Elvis sighting, or worse, feel like just more clickbait. One of the many virtues of Proof Something Happened is that it captures the original wonder and terror of such tales. More than that, the book encourages empathy and sympathy with Betty and Barney Hill. Rather than ironic winking, you feel what its figures are feeling."

A Review by Lily Prater in Call Me [Brackets]

Here's an excerpt:

"If you love science fiction, aliens, conspiracy theories, or want to challenge your beliefs on life outside of our planet, this book is for you. . . . When reading Tony Trigilio’s poetry collection, you will feel the anxieties, mysteries, and unsettling emotions of the Hills."

We're also pleased to present Tony's Playlist essay in Largehearted Boy.

Enjoy your reading, and we hope you check out Tony's poetry collection!

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