Monday, March 27, 2023


You are invited to read Eileen Tabios' essay on titling poems, the latest installment in our "Chapter One" series! Available HERE. Here's an excerpt:

"... much of my job as a poet takes place before I begin any poem. My job is to educate myself on as many topics as possible, engage in a wide variety of experiences, hone my skills at observation, and meditate over the significance of a variety of events—not for writing a poem but by being better in the world through a basking in experience. All this knowledge and experience are filed in my brain as raw material for when I finally write the poem, e.g., the information on Negros Occidental which had marinated in my mind for three decades. In the actual creation of the poem, I trust in having filed enough mental material for the poem to access as it chooses.

Obviously, the more content there is in that mental file, the better the poem is served. I recently noted in an interview that as a poet I believe in education for education’s sake for avoiding cliches and sourcing new metaphors. As an example, for no particular reason besides education, I learned about black holes, specifically that if one is able to witness the phenomenon, one would see objects falling into those holes in falls that seem never to end. The idea of a permanent falling resonated with me and came to be included in several poems."

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


You are invited to read Stephen Paul Miller's astounding and moving remembrance of poetry days revolving around a single-sheet poetry journal that he used to mail out to readers and which ended up attracting some of the leading artists and poets of the later latter half of the 20th century. You can see the article at