Monday, February 25, 2019


Marsh Hawk Press is pleased to announce the judge of our next annual poetry prize: Marge Piercy. Deadline is April 30, 2019. More information at the link:


Jason McCall is the next poet in Marsh Hawk Press' "Chapter One Series", which presents poets discussing their poetic starts. Forthcoming poets in this series include Dennis Nurkse, Burt Kimmelman, Barbara Novack. Eileen R. Tabios, Geoffrey O’Brien, Dan Morris and Sandy McIntosh. Already featured poets are Jane Hirshfield, Burt Kimmelman, Mary Mackey, Philip Lopate and Denise Duhamel.
Here's an excerpt from Jason's piece entitled "Who Are You?"
"If I say I started writing to find myself, then I’m only telling a half truth. Growing up, I had a clear identity. I knew who I was because of all the teachers, church members, and relatives who reminded me of who I was. I was Lindsey’s brother. And Shonda’s brother. And Tonya’s Brother. And Ethel’s boy. And Lindsey’s boy. I am the baby of my family. It’s fun to tell that to my young nieces and nephew and see them try to sort out how a grown man can still be a baby. But it wasn’t always a source of fun with me. Like the youngest member of many families, growing up, my existence was normally explained by a point of reference. When I was smart, I was smart just like my brother and sisters. When my dad got me job working at the hotel where he worked as a chef for his second job, the managers told me I laughed just like my dad. When I open my eyes, my wife tells me I have my mother’s eyes. 
And like the youngest member of many families, I hated the constant comparison to my family members."

Friday, February 1, 2019


Cheryl Pallant’ presents an extraordinary short piece on George Quasha's work in preverbs, newly posted on Dispatches — George notes, "I’m blown away by its level of insight, poignant to the point of teaching me what I need to keep in focus about the work; I also understand better what it means when people say 'I’m humbled by this.' How amazing it is when a person reaches to the heart of another’s work and brings its further life. "

Congratulations George!

Also, George Quasha's collaborative series Co-Configurative Eternities written in relation to the paintings of Ashley Garrett has been published online at Metambesen:

You are invited to read by following the links!