Wednesday, August 24, 2016


You are invited to enjoy John Wisniewski's interview of Burt Kimmelman at AM FM Magazine. You can see the entire interview HERE, but here's an excerpt:
JW: Burt you studied Medieval history—what appealed to you about this period of man’s history? 
BK: I didn’t study medieval history except within the purview of my study of medieval literature. I was lured into medieval studies by Chaucer’s poetry that just simply blew me away. I soon realized, moreover, that there was something special about medieval literature’s ideality and medieval civilization that a professor of mine, Frederick Goldin, described as a very “clean world.” He certainly was not referring to the standard of material living or anything like that, but rather to a clarity within a world in which what was right and what was wrong were easily and surely identifiable. The ambiguities and equivocations of the modern world had yet to come into being (ironic since they do along with the emergence of modern, empirical science).

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