Thursday, June 2, 2016


The East Hampton Star today presents a lovely write-up of Sandy McIntosh's latest book, A Hole in the Ocean: A Hamptons' Apprenticeship. You can go HERE for the article by Laura Wells, which begins
Stars-in-the-eyes young poet meets literary and art world icons in the Hamptons. And re-meets and reconsiders. And admires. And continues to honor and to create his own work. 
Sandy McIntosh graduated from Southampton College — then Long Island University — in 1970. And along the way to his degree he had a number of encounters with artists and writers. Driving on Springs-Fireplace Road he happened upon Willem de Kooning. Well, he didn’t exactly happen upon the artist. Mr. McIntosh was driving home after his job pumping gas when a bicyclist veered here and there then tumbled over. Mr. McIntosh stopped and ran over to see a rather dazed de Kooning lying in the grass. The artist asked for a ride home — his bicycle didn’t have a light.  
He was living in a farmhouse opposite the Green River Cemetery, he said, but this was only temporary, until they finished building his new studio. “I don’t want them to finish the damn thing,” he said with some bitterness. I asked why not. “Because when it’s finished, I think I will be finished, too.”

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