Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics edited by Ed Foster just released its latest issue!  You can go HERE to see the issue, and here is its Table of Contents:

Special Section on Neeli Cherkovski
New Work
Seth Amos, "Neeli Cherkovski: Poet at Table 13"
Michael Berger, "My Friend, Neeli Cherkovski"
Patrick James Dunagan, 'I sit alone / in the garden bending light': California Poet Neeli Cherkovski"
Peter Valente, "I Surrender to the Seraphim: On Neeli Cherkovski's The Crow and I"

A.D. Winans, On Neeli Cherkovski's The Crow and I

Special section: ​Basil King, "Crownstone"

Special section: George Quasha, "fluctuant gender (preverbs)"

Milan Begliarbekov
Charles Borkhuis
Norman Fischer
John High
W. Scott Howard
George Kalamaras
Heller Levinson
Timothy Liu
Stephen Paul Miller
Andrew Mossin
Mercedes Roffé

Essays/ Reviews
Thomas Fink, "On Tom Beckett's Appearances"
Carmen Firan, "India: Against Words"
Michael Franco, "a Note on 'A Body of Measure'"
W. Scott Howard, "Art in Art /Stone on Stone: Susan Howe's Quarrying"
Dean Kritikos, "The New York School(s) Holding Class: Community, Critical Verse,
and Public Scholarship, concerning and including a poem by Stephen Paul Miller"
Daniel Morris, "'The wound track shows deeper hemorage': Kenneth Goldsmith's
'The Body of Michael Brown' as The Eighth American Disaster"

George Quasha, "Uncertainties"
Hovig Tchalian, "'Between Decadence the Alien:' Two New Publications by Peter Balakian"
Peter Valente, 
"Politics and the Personal: An Essay on Tom Savage’s Housing, Preservation, and Development"

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