Thursday, July 16, 2015


Jason McCall's award-winning book, DEAR HERO, receives a lovely review from MUZZLE.  You can go HERE for the entire review written by Jacob Victorine, which begins:
Its rare to find a book of poetry that successfully rewrites mythology by engaging contemporary questions and beliefs. Too often it seems writers are content to revisit the already written lives of mythological figures instead of using their outlines to challenge our perception of past and present. For the latter, Anne CarsonAutobiography of Red comes to mind as does, now, Jason McCallDear Hero,--a stunning and subversive collection that re-imagines parts of the authors life through classical and comic heroes. Winner of the 2012 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, the book should have garnered more attention over the past two years. What McCall does in fewer than sixty pages is far from easy: give new life to characters that have been written about so much its nearly impossible to avoid cliché
Congratulations, Jason!

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