Tuesday, June 9, 2015


To live poetry
instead of just marking
words on a page—
none of it too much
or too little
It is only what it is
and all of it is
perfectly pitched

Eileen Tabios' latest book, the experimental biography AGAINST MISANTHROPY: A LIFE IN POETRY, is reviewed in Mandala Web by Allen Bramhall.  You can see the review HERE but here's an excerpt:
Her work exceeds the boundaries of limning poems in the moody moonlight, adjectives and dotted i's. It stands as a decalcification, if you will.

I write about this book because it brims with useful tabiosity. The relatable aspect of how Eileen places her work within the interests and imperatives of her life delivers a good and useful impact. In terms of any work, the message says, accept who you are, where you have been, listen, and trust that your engagement can touch something beyond you. That’s simple enough, even for an educated person.

I know that the word poetry will set a barrier for some people, but this gallimaufry of direct resonance from Eileen’s working machine seems to offer many pastures. It would be the reader of choice who read this book and did the central whatever of their life. As a final notion, always take note of balloons in hallways.

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