Monday, January 26, 2015


David Caddy offers a wonderful engagement with Basil King's latest book, Basil King: The Spoken Word/ the Painted Hand from Learning to Draw/ A History.  Here's an excerpt:

This warm-hearted collection of wide-ranging essays, one of which was published in Tears in the Fence 60, moves effortlessly between prose and poetry in a freewheeling style. The essays are highly informative drawing upon King’s extensive knowledge of art, artists and their experiences, as well as history, film and autobiographical detail. There is great charm, self-deprecating humour, running throughout the book which has the repeated refrains of ‘Leave home. Meet strangers. And learn to draw’ and ‘Be Rich. Get Rich. Be Rich. Get Rich’. The refrains gain piquancy as one reads on.
Go HERE for entire review.

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