Friday, October 13, 2017


Two young poets and serious readers Leila Rosner and Casssandra Callaghan converse with Burt Kimmelman over his ABANDONED ANGEL over at Thomas Fink's Dichtung Yammer! You can see the conversation HERE but here's an excerpt:
I wonder if the way to most effectively evoke time in a poem is not to try for something that might best be handled by music, for instance, which is unburdened by words, but, rather, to use space to create a there, such as in Blackburn’s work. The time of a life is rescued from the continuum and can be experienced in a way unique to the poem. The Objectivists, more so than the Imagists or Vorticists (emerging out of the Modernist core), were especially sensitive to the writtenness of language, the word objectified, so to speak, on the page—the page a part of the material experience of the poem’s language. This is a tradition in poetry I have increasingly embraced. To get back to what you asked, yes, along with poets like Blackburn, my reading has involved the Objectivists for a long time now.

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