Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Congratulations to Paul Pines for inspiring visual artists and musicians with his poetry, the subject of an article at The Post Star. Here's an excerpt:
GLENS FALLS — A line, a passage, a stanza carefully plucked from a poem as inspiration for another creation in music or art is what set in motion a spiral conversation of artworks speaking to each other. 
And on Saturday, this yearlong exploration will live on in “Last Call: A Collaborative Oratorio,” at the Charles R. Wood Theater with poetry by Paul Pines, set to music by composer Catherine Reid and an exhibition of poetry-inspired artworks by members of North Country Arts. 
“You had to interpret the poetry and get out of your box and think differently,” said artist Judith Tully about creating her piece, “Darkness into Light,” for Saturday’s show and exhibition at the Wood Theater. Tully selected a passage from Pines’ poem, “The Vedas is Now Revealed to Thee.”

You can see entire article HERE.

And don't forget to check out his lovely Marsh Hawk Press book, CHARLOTTE'S SONGS.

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