Friday, June 22, 2018


Galatea Resurrects publishes Michael Heller's engagement with Paul Pines' GATHERING SPARKS! You can see the entire essay, which was presented at the Marsh Hawk Press book launch, HERE, but here's an excerpt:
As with all his works—sometimes sharp to the point of poignancy in Gathering Sparks—Paul’s poetry is a quest, spiritual, linguistic, psychological, a constant effort of human repair and recovery.  His way, as he proclaims in Gathering Sparks, is to find something which “allows him to feel/the world as proximate/unbounded.”   That unboundedness, which one finds in the amplitude of Paul’s poetry, its range of reference, its  epical breadth of open sea, foreign lands, international capitols, all coexisting with an equally powerful grainy particularity of immediate presence and human contact, is, in my reading, also an ethical quest for openness to experience and vulnerability.

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