Friday, January 2, 2015


Eileen Tabios' latest Marsh Hawk Press release, SUN STIGMATA, just received a review by Joey Madia over at New Mystics Reviews (and Book Masons).  Here's an excerpt from the review by someone who's followed Eileen's work since her first U.S.-published and first Marsh Hawk Press book 12 years ago, REPRODUCTIONS OF THE EMPTY FLAGPOLE:

Another thread I have followed through Tabios’ publications has been the dynamic tension between affluence (banking and finance, pearls and furs and gems judged upon their hardness) and Diaspora, orphans, and despair and challenge tied to place. The poems of Sun Stigmata bring these subjects forth with a tangible power. It is up to the reader to find unity in disparity; to be the catalyst in an alchemical transaction (a hieros gamos) that rises beyond Reality into the etheric realms where the nigredo of our art is born(e).
REPRODUCTIONS... is also a root source for SUN STIGMATA.

Joey Madia's entire review is available HERE.


SUN STIGMATA received a second review today.  Tom Beckett posted on L'AMOUR FOU:
When David Bromige was assembling Desire, his selected poems, he made it his project to rewrite every poem.  This angered some of his longtime readers.  I admired the decision.  The previous versions still existed in other collections; but David reimagined them, telescoping past decisions into new ones. Sometimes one is not done with a poem.  Sometimes a poem is not done with you. // Something similar is going on in Sun Stigmata (Sculpture Poemsby Eileen R. Tabios. // ... The roots of Sun Stigmata  are in Reproductions but there is something completely different happening--something spare and lyrical. This new book is as good or better than its predecessor.  

Tom's entire write-up is available HERE.

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